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In the summer of 2013 we left Europe after 26 years to move to Portland, Oregon where we joined the newly forming team of “End Slavery” ministries with International Teams (now One Collective).  This page will include personal family/ministry updates, as well as links, brochures, video clips, etc. related to our efforts (and the efforts of others) to raise awareness about modern day slavery and work toward the prevention of it.


McGreek Festival 2013

Q & A summer 2013 copy



Vicki, Will, Ellie, Scott



Announcing Our New Name and New Website! (no longer up or relevant)

Wanting to be known for what we are FOR (freedom), rather than what we are against (slavery), we have changed our team name from “End Slavery” to “FreeWay 418“.   This also provides a name more in keeping with our larger context of iTeams’ 2020 Vision and our efforts at holistic community investment.  We are STILL AN INTERNATIONAL TEAMS MINISTRY, just with a new local name.

The name is about the “way of freedom”  or the “free way” that Jesus describes in His Mission Statement in Luke 4:18, “The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me because He has chosen Me to bring good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives, and recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed…”

You can see photos of our team and read more about our ministry at the new website:


(no longer up or relevant)

Many thanks to Anneli Anderson who designed and built the website for us!  You can see more of her work at:    http://designanneli.com/  and   www.studioanneli.com/


One of our primary partnership organizations in Rockwood is the Rockwood Community Development Corporation…

Our Programs and Projects














Heart of the Savior Ministries radio show about what is happening in Rockwood! You can listen here – http://heartofthesaviorministries.org/broadcasts/ (Brad & Lynn Ketch, John David Pitt, Lindsey Boulais, Peter Eversmeyer, and Scott McCracken – Rockwood CDC Update)






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Here is a great snapshot of our community:




The Oregon Register Guard reported in August 2013:

Portland confirmed as center for sex trafficking

A federal study finds that nearly 100 children a year are victimized in the state’s largest metropolitan area


Waiting for the Light

 Waiting For the Light (Video produced by Junior League about Child Sex Trafficking in Portland)


The Good Life (Ambassador Football)  http://www.abolitionnow.com/get-informed/stories/item/the-good-life?category_id=7






2014 in Review…
* Served on a team with “AWARE” (no longer in existence) that helped bring a 3-hour awareness program to over 10,000 7th and 8th graders
* Arranged/Presented awareness programs in youth groups, churches, colleges, and public schools
* Began (and continue) mentoring relationships with “at-risk” youth through Trillium’s “Family of Friends” (www.family-of-friends.org/default.html) and through IRCO’s Africa House program (www.irco.org/who-we-are/our-unique-locations/africa-house-skill-center/)
* Identified Rockwood as the community to focus on for “integrated investment” as fulfillment of ITeams’ 2020 Vision (http://www.iteams.us/2020-vision/)
* Committed as a team to lay a foundation of Serving, Listening, and Learning for the whole year BEFORE offering any ideas or new vision
* Served on the Communications Committee of “Door to Grace” (www.doortograce.org)
* Served with the Rockwood Salvation Army (http://salvationarmygresham.org/) in their “Seniors Ministry” and “Harvest Share” food distribution
* Served at “My Father’s House” (www.familyshelter.org), a shelter for homeless families, by helping with their personal transformation groups (Genesis Process)
* Served with The Rockwood Community Development Corporation Rockwoodcdc.org (in many ways including doing Rockwood CDC orientation meetings for interested people, helping facilitate community discussion groups, participating in staff meetings and outreach events, and developing relationships with Rockwood pastors to pursue spiritual investment together in Rockwood); also, WILLIAM is currently volunteering with a “homework club” they do in an apartment complex where many refugee families reside
* Accepted in September the role of (INTERIM) Community Transformation Director
* Had lots and lots and lots of meetings with people who are in leadership positions of local churches, ministries, and other service organizations to learn, develop relationship, and encourage them
* Joined As Is Church (and currently serve on the Prayer Ministry Team, the Teaching Team, and we help facilitate a small group in our home that is focused on strengthening our marriages)



One of the organizations we partner with in raising awareness is Northwest Family Services…




One of the ministries we partner with in “restoration” is DOOR TO GRACE…




(Anti-slavery organizations in the greater Portland area):




The Defenders (video re: reducing demand for commercial sex):




EPIK (Everyman Protecting Innocent Kids) in a nutshell: