About Us

Vicki and I met in training with International Teams in Chicago, in August 1986.  We served refugees in Austria from 1987 to 1990 (married in 1988), and then in Athens, Greece from 1990 until June 2013.  Presently, we are in Portland, Oregon working with a newly formed (End Slavery) team to raise awareness about child sex trafficking and to work for its prevention.  We are also laying the foundation for the 2020 Vision team for integrated community development in Rockwood, which will include (among many other things) a focus on serving refugees and immigrants.

We have 5 children:  Kendra (born 9/4/1989 and married to Steve Sirinides), Cody (born 3/26/1992), Kyle (born 1/14/1994), William (born 8/5/1998), and Ellie (born 4/10/2006, and adopted 5/13/2007)).

This website is a record of some highlights of our family and ministry journey.